Wu-Sho Karate

Wu-Sho Karate was developed in 1983 by Basil Goura (Australian Cruiser Weight professional kickboxing champion at that time) and Ron Kippa (3rd Dan Shotokan) who were interested in adding more powerful kickboxing techniques to Basil's style of Wu-Su karate. Basil trained in Wu-Su, Kyokushinki and boxing thru the 70's and 80's.

Daryl Harris, (Owner of Energize) trained with Basil in Wu-Su and was also coached by him during this training period.

Under the guidance of expert instructors like Basil, Ron, Andrew Patterson (Budo Kan), Grahame Geary (Kyokushinki) our students reap the benefits of having some of the most experienced tuition that is available worldwide.

With regular visits and access to instructors like Wal Bently (boxing) and Steve Shepeard (international kickboxing) our gym has flourished.

Daryl Harris went on to 1st dan black belt in 1983 and 1st Dan Wu-Su in 1987, also obtaining 2nd Dan in Wu-Sho in that year. Daryl has competed in Karate, Kata and weapons demonstrations from the late 1970's.

With experience in non, semi and full contact karate he and his students have won many awards, at local and state championships.

Wu-Sho was designed as a kickboxing style first and foremost, with extremely powerful selfdefence techniques for swift results.

Many students in karate have difficulty with injuries, so during Daryl's studies he went on to complete the ACHPER fitness leaders course in the 1980's. This immediately reduced the injury rate, by always including effective warm-up and stretch routines.

In conjunction with traditional Wu-Sho karate we also offer separate weapons training.

*Kids karate 6-12 year old's taught separately to 13 year old's and over.

Wu-Sho head instructor Daryl Harris is an accredited Instructor under MAIA (Martial Arts Institute of Australia) member MA1487

Karate News

Our small classes continue to grow with several new students, all welcome and doing very well! As we head to a grading in late July many on track, learning and training hard, Keep up the good work guys!

Our Kickboxing classes are growing steadily with several youg ladies getting a great workout, shaping their bodies, along with losing weight. Kickboxing gives both a great cardio and strength workout, but also works on a simple yet powerful self defence system that anyone can learn and have fun with at the same time.

Our mixed-age Karate class is growing strongly, so come along with your children and learn a great Self Defence discipline, have fun and learn together. Family discounts available! See our price list.


More classes have been added due to popular demand! New classes are:

  • 10am Monday to Thursday - ladies kickboxing, 1 hr High Intensity
  • 4.30 Tuesday - 1 hour high intensity, quick class
  • 6:00 Wednesday evenings - Ladies/Girls class
  • 4.30 Thursday - 1 hour High Intensity class
  • 10am Saturday Karate or Kickboxing - as required

So pick one of our many classes get fit have fun and learn how to defend youself.

Our Kick boxing school focuses on Self Defence in the street, not the ring. We can do ring fighting later for those who are really keen.

Kickboxing classes are a strenuous full body work out and vital for self-defence. Run by instructor Daryl Harris who trained in kickboxing through Wu-Sho karate, he delivers these teachings in a separate less formalised traditional class setting, as many clients do not wish to dedicate themselves to a more traditionally structured regime.

This highly specialised class is designed to build fitness and confidence quickly, providing clients with simple, straightforward techniques to disable an attacker and control all types of situations. By drilling footwork, balance, simple physics and body mechanics, Daryl helps the students to learn more rapidly and enables them to improve health and fitness as well as selfdefence, in a safe controlled environment.

As students develop they can opt for further training towards competition, which is a more developed skill set.


Taught as separate class for individuals or families this no-nonsense, street oriented system offers crucial techniques for self defence.

A full body work-out, this system includes all of the fitness, weightloss and health benefits from the other classes and also includes the most superior self defence techniques from Wu-Sho karate, kickboxing, boxing Ju-do and Jiu-Jitsu.

The primary aim of this class is to make students fit, safe and confident quickly, in an increasingly more volatile world.


"The change in ownership has been a breath of fresh air, full of new ideas and is giving me a new lease on life. I never thought I would be working out and doing Kickboxing at my age. Learning, to defend myself and enjoying getting fit at the same time, this place is great now" - Peter Urch (Long time member)