Our gym has classes for all ages and fitness levels. We offer individualised work out schedules specifically tailored to accommodate clients lifestyle, fitness and any health concerns. With Pilates, Active 50's, martial arts and a vast selection of classes such as Spin, Balance and Boxing available, Energize Fitness & Weight Loss caters to the health needs of the whole family.

Our new timetable now includes Pilates for just $16.00, which is amazing value as other gyms charge $25.00 or much more for this fantastic relaxing work out. We have now also added kettle bell workouts, which are great for building strength and burning fat.

It's often possible, in the afternoons from 4pm, to get a one-on-one session with a PT for no extra charge. We cannot guarantee this, but get in early and you could get a fantastic workout with one of our highly qualified PTs!

Our $49.00 special continues with many customers doing a PT class, when they choose, for the great value of just $16.00! All of our customers qualify for a Martial Arts class, such as Ladies kickboxing for just $11.00, which is 40% off.

Many clients are now enjoying our new Functional training centre, to give them a different way of training against their own body weight. It's a real challenge for those of you who have never attempted to use their own body weight as resistance.

With new spin bike, weight racks and features like wall ball target, monkey bars and other features our small gym is now very extensively equipped, for a great variety of work out!

Please see our latest Newsletter for our up-to-date news.

Our New eliptical X trainer is getting great reviews, out clients are using this to great effect with fitness and weightloss. It's great to start to see the results

We often have clients interested in doing Open gym but are not sure how to go about getting a good work out, so we can write them a program.

For just $45.00 our trainer will spend 30 minutes with you showing you the correct use of the equipment, then write a specific program for you and only you, to achieve your goals in weightloss or fitness! Each time you come in, grab your program and away you go.

Just come in and set up an appointment, then achieve your goals!!

The big news this month is the addition of the Fitness Passport members now able to use our gym, as per those membership conditions, all very welcome!
Welcome to all those on Fitness Passport. Please come in and use our gym soon!

As CareTrac clients move to Fitness Passport, we can confirm that there are now no extra charges for PT classes which is great news for those clients, so please tell all your friends: "All welcome!".

- Daryl & Staff

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"Absolutely fantastic, I love it here now, the place, the people, the atmosphere when it is so easy to do nothing, but so important to do this at my age, to keep me healthy and feeling great" - Ray Dawkins (Senior Citizen)

"Great place, great people, great atmosphere, big results, All very welcoming , even the children are well behaved and add to the atmosphere" - Robyn Steiner (Senior Citizen)

"I have been going to Energize since we were able to under the new agreement with LMCC, and I have found it excellent and really handy as I now don't have to drive to Warners Bay before work. Some of the gear is a bit old, but it all works and the staff know how to put a good work out together." - LMCC staff Member