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Energize Fitness & Weight Loss was first established in 2008 to cater for people seeking to achieve fitness and weight loss in a family friendly environment. Our family owned, completely independent gym has the flexibility to offer no upfront fees and contracts, so you won't be bound to monthly payments.

We have several highly trained instructors who lead 30 minute work outs, assisting clients in setting and achieving their goals. Motivating, developing, mentoring and monitoring them during this process so they continue to accomplish their personal aims. For clients who need to be at a gym for health reasons, we are focused on making them feel welcome and comfortable in this no egos, no judgement and no pressure environment.

Our clients love to be driven to achieve great results in fitness and weight loss, often personally reporting that once they've achieved their current goal they have re-assessed and identified a more difficult goal to aim for. We take great pride in motivating our clients to fulfil their personal objectives, whether these are to tone up, build fitness or just to attain a general sense of well being. Our vision as a company centres on results being measured in good health, fitness, trimming centimetres and weight loss, not building bulk muscle mass.

We all have home and work pressures and life changes which is why Energize Fitness & Weight Loss is flexible allowing members to stop or restart attending the gym at will, although notice is required. Come and meet with us to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals today.

Energize is now in partnership with Lake Macquarie City Council to provide personal training and gym facilities to its staff and families - Welcome aboard everyone! We also provide Injury Recovery work for Insurance companies, such as Employers Mutual, with clients making great progress to get back to work. Our payment options include Cash, Eftpos, Credit Card and Direct Deposit. Please "Like Us" on our Facebook site and share our posts.

Injury Recovery Specialists - Energize has highly qualified staff that can do specialty classes for specific injury recovery. We currently have several clients from insurance companies or WorkCover progressing well, on their way back to full recovery and good health, about to go back into the work force. Please ask how we can help you.

Energize can now announce a new partnership with Toronto Medical & Physio, to now cater for all our clients injury recovery, physical training and rehabilitation needs. In consultation with the doctors, Physio Warren Van der Vlugt, and our senior trainer Debb Budden, we can now design a training program for those in need of rehabilitation. We can design a program to suit YOU!!

The big news this month is the addition of the Fitness Passport members now able to use our gym, as per those membership conditions, all very welcome!

CareTrac, LMCC, CorpFitness and Fitness passport members all very welcome, now with no additional charges for PT classes!

Our Team

Daryl Harris (Owner)
Owner Daryl Harris has over 10 years' experience as an ACHPER trained fitness leader with over 25 years Martial Arts experience in karate and kickboxing, holding multiple Black Belts.

Debb Buddon (Senior Instructor)
Senior Instructor Debb Buddon has more than 30 years' experience in the fitness industry. She has worked all over the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area, she has been at Energize since the beginning in 2008. Holding a certification 3 and 4 in the Fitness industry she is a specialist in small group fitness personal training, Pilates, boxing, Active 50's, injury rehabilitation, Aqua Fitness, nutrition, special populations, Spin, Balance and many other classes. Her experience is invaluable.
Debb is passionate about helping people achieve their goals in fitness, weight loss, health and nutrition. She believes small group personal training enables instructors to be more in touch with the clients individual needs and goals, while maintaining good technique and ensuring efficient results from the work out.

Cathie Bradstreet (Accredited Sailboard Instructor, Senior 1st Aider)
Qualifications: Cert 4 in Fitness, studying Health Science and Nutrition at Sydney University
Registered, professional fitness leader with Fitness Aus
Active after school Deliverer, Aus Sport Commission
Level 1 track and Field official
Extensive program development for specific sports or events.
Decades of Multi sport experience at all levels.
In Cathie's words: "My aim is to provide motivation, goal setting skills to clients and help them achieve long term fitness health and happiness in their lives"

Joshua Harris (Instructor)
Instructor Joshua Harris is an expert in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and also has experience in karate and kickboxing.

Sam Parberry (Instructor)
Sam is a highly qualified and experienced instructor with a wealth of knowledge. He adds a new dynamic to our gym, giving our clients a change from our girls and has some great new ideas.
Please come in Wednesday mornings and meet Sam for a great work out!



Karate (full contact and non-contact)

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